Diverted Energy Ltd

Solar PV

Diverted Energy Ltd – Although we don’t install Solar PV at the moment due to so many other companies offering this.

Solar PV and Renewables can be a minefield and very confusing. What we do, is advise and consult with you on what you should expect, what sizing to ask for and the benefits and savings available, check quotes to ensure you are being given a quality system at the right prices.

We can introduce you to installers that we trust to recommend around the North West.

Once you have completed your installation, .

Once your Solar Panels are installed, we then are able offer you advice on making the most of the Investment which includes:

  • Becoming a “Pro-Sumer” to ensure you use as much of the valuable generated as possible for maximum benefit.
  • The best Tariff for both Export, Import and to trade in Energy for a profit.
So, although we don’t climb on roofs, we can help ensure you get the most cost effective system and that you are not being overcharged for something that later proves a disappointment.


What is a Pro-Sumer? it is simply a play on words and due to the high cost of Energy, becoming a more known term although many of of us have been doing it for years.

Solar PV used to be about making Energy, using some for yourself and enjoying ridiculously high Government subsidised Export Tariffs – otherwise known as Feed In Tariff.

The best and most cost effective way to use your valuable Renewable Energy is not to Export it for little reward, but to consume it. Hence the term ‘Pro-Sumer’, a play on the words ‘Producer and ‘Consumer’.

In other words, you generate it and use it yourself.

This could be Battery Storage for later use, EV Charging, Hot Water and any other use that kwh’s of Energy can be used.

This is why we are called Divert Energy, diverting energy for the best possible benefits to you.


With Solar PV, it is inevitable even where as much of the generated as possible is being used that you will have Surplus Energy.

This will be Exported to Grid and we can advise of the best Export Tariff and Regime to gain the maximum benefit for the energy you produce. By getting the best prices for Surplus Energy, means your Return of Investment is accelerated and reduced to only a few years.

With many years of experience in Solar and making the most of it, this knowledge is available to you.

Grid Demand Support

The Grid Needs You!!

You will have heard in the News that during Peak Demand times such as tea time in Winter, during heatwaves due to high and ever growing demand for Energy for Heat Pumps, EV Charging and the expansion of Air Conditioning installation.

These periods where supply could be at risk, you will have probably heard of possibility of Blackouts and Cashback Schemes. By reducing demand and asking those with good sized batteries to help support the Grid through these times, not only can you help – you can also make a good profit from your Battery system, up to £3 per Kwh on some nights.