Diverted Energy Ltd

Diverted Energy Ltd – We’re here to help you get the most from Renewable Energy investment, the most valuable resource you can install on your property whether business or domestic.

Renewable Energy can save you £1,000’s on Energy Bills if the energy produced is used effectively. 

Done incorrectly will leave you with a long payback period, little savings and the feeling you have wasted your investment.

Working with local Solar Panel installers in the North West of the UK, including Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and West Yorkshire we can introduce you to trusted and reliable installation companies.

Once your Solar Panels are installed, we’ll offer you advice on making the most of the Investment which includes:

  • Becoming a “Pro-Sumer” to ensure you use as much of the valuable generated as possible for maximum benefit.
  • The best Tariff for both Export, Import and to trade in Energy for a profit.

Correctly sized and properly configured, 90% of your annual electricity can be provided from the Solar PV, greatly increasing your Return of Investment, reducing your Carbon Footprint and reducing your reliance on Grid supply.

By storing your own Renewable energy in batteries to use over night or during high demand times such as cooking, washing and tumble drying you’ll not only reduce demand on an already stressed Grid, you will obtain most effective way to maximise payback on your Investment. 

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